WordPress Technical Audit

WP-Bridge’s Technical Audit services conduct a comprehensive analysis on every WordPress website to find and fix all issues.

Get Comprehensive WordPress Technical Audits

We help clients fix website issues with data-driven technical audits.

Features of Technical Audit Services

Audit of Website Functionalities (Website Functionality Audit)

Did you know that about 70% of the visitors on a website turn away because they cannot navigate through it or are unable to view their phones? At WP-Bridge, our experts test your website’s functionality and make fixes to it so that you have a fully functioning website that won’t turn the visitors away.

Audit of Website Performance (Website Performance Audit)

Like all things, a website is also assessed periodically for its performance. Using industry standard best practices, experts at WP-Bridge conduct a comprehensive audit of your WordPress website to assess if there are any weaknesses that need to be addressed in order for it to perform at an optimized level.

Audit of Website’s Technical SEO (Technical SEO Audit)

Is your website SEO friendly? Is it performing well on search engines? With WP-Bridge’s technical SEO audit, you can have answers to these questions and many more. Our experts create a detailed analysis report of your WordPress website so you know where improvements need to be made.

Audit of Website’s Design (Website Design Audit)

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on having unique and stand-out website design. But sometimes having such a design can downgrade a website’s performance. As part of WP-Bridge’s WordPress Audit services, you can now get a report on how optimal is your website design when compared to the website performance.

Audit of Website’s Security (Website Security Audit)

Is your WordPress website secure from hacks and malware attacks? WP-Bridge’s website security audit provides you with a complete report on your website’s security system and where improvements need to be made to have a secure WordPress website.

Audit of Website’s Content (Website Content Audit)

One of the most important things on a website is its content. Having a great SEO based content can do wonders for your WordPress website’s rankings on search engines. As part of technical audit services, we also provide you an analysis of your content and how well it is doing in terms of SEO.

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