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47% of online consumers expect a web page to load in 6 seconds or less. Your WordPress website’s Google rankings, Google Adwords, social media platforms, and all the potential customers that come through your website are linked to your website’s speed and user experience.

Equipped with the latest in WordPress speed optimization technology, you can trust WP-Bridge to provide you with a reliable website speed optimization service that can make your site load faster for better performance.

With such enhanced power, your business visibility becomes higher which in turn increases your online consumers.

Test your WordPress Website Speed with our Speed Optimization Service

Do you wish to know if your WordPress website is loading fast or not? With our WordPress website speed optimization services, we provide you with all the details that may be hindering your page load speed as well as help you remove those hinderances to bring your website’s speed at optimal level.

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Website’s Speed Performance Analysis

WordPress Website’s Speed Performance Analysis

An average online consumer spends about 10 to 15 secs waiting for a webpage to load. If it does not, the consumer jumps on to the next business. Do you know if your potential consumer is able to open your WordPress website business page quickly or not?
Our comprehensive WordPress website speed performance analysis is specially designed to provide a detailed insight what is working and what is not working when it comes to page load speed.
We analyze your website using the latest tools, figure out the speed issue, and fix it so that your website’s loading is faster.

Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading Technique

As part of our website speed optimization service, our experts deploy many different techniques to enhance the page load speed depending on the need of your website.
One such technique is of lazy loading. Using this technique to optimize the speed of website, we make sure that your website’s content, images, and videos are placed at accepted web standards that make the WordPress website load faster.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network Technique

When optimizing your website for speed, our experts set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This technique of page speed optimization requires real-time copies of your website to be stored in global servers.
Why is this important you may ask? When someone visits your website, the CDN loads the website from a server that is geographically closest to that person thus reducing load time and making your website faster.
Isn’t it the coolest technique to optimize the WordPress website speed?

Browser Caching

Browser Caching Technique

In technical terms, browser caching is a technique used to reduce server bandwidth and make your page load speed faster. Why is this important?
This technique is used to optimize the speed as it offers an enhanced user browsing experience by enhancing the overall performance of your WordPress website speed. On the cost side, you save a lot as this technique reduces bandwidth usage giving you an added advantage.
In addition, it also provides an added layer of WordPress security by removing any unused browser cache that hackers can use to enter the website.

Compress Script Files

Minifying HTML, CSS, & JS Technique

To keep your website’s load speed time to the shortest possible time, we focus on compressing certain script files such as HTML, CSS, and JS. But why these files?
This is a very common and easy technique when it comes to WordPress speed and performance optimization. These files do not affect the overall code of the website and are considered to be redundant when it comes WordPress site optimization.
Our experts minify these scripts and put them in the footer section of your website where they load only when required. Moreover, these scripts are also cached so that your website load time decreases.

Optimizing CSS and JS

Removing Render Block

What does this mean? Render blocking CSS and JS are scripts that load before your website is displayed. This causes your website’s loading time to slow down. Although these are important files but placing them at a correct point in code allows for your WordPress website to load faster.
So how do we do it? Our technical experts eliminate such scripts without causing any visual changes to your website to optimize your WordPress website for speed.
When it comes to speed optimization of WordPress, we do not leave any stone unturned, until your website is optimized for speed – no matter how technical it is.

Compressing the Images or Image Compression

Compressing the Images or Image Compression

Who does not love big colorful images and videos on their websites? But did you know that these images and videos can adversely affect the page load speed of your WordPress website if not optimized?
Yup, you read it right? Images, and especially videos take up a lot of server time to load which causes website to load slow. This does not mean that you should not use any images or videos. When images and videos are adjusted as the proper WordPress and page speed standards, it will make your WordPress website’s page load speed faster.
Our experts for WordPress speed and performance optimization can quickly make technical adjustments using image compression tools to automatically resize and optimize your images so it does not hinder the page load speed of your website.

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