Our uniqueness is our white label services for agencies and freelancers.

We offer exclusive white label services to agencies such as yours so that you do not need to worry about the management of your clients’ WordPress websites. Our team works as your team to provide top-notch WordPress maintenance services to your clients and the best part – the credit goes all to you.

White Label services flow plan

Register your client’s website with us

We create a mailbox in our help desk system

Distribute your white labeled email address to clients

Our team becomes your team

Relax and know your clients are being taken care of

Register your client’s website with us

Registering your client’s website with us is as easy as one, two, three. We walk you through the entire registration process of your client’s website with us so that your clients are not affected by any transitions. Moreover, with your own branded dashboard, your clients will be even more impressed with your agency and services.

Your own support email

Having a personal email makes things more authentic for the client. That is why we create support@yourbusiness.com email id with your own signature in our help desk system as part of our white label services. All correspondence is done using this id between your client and our team. This way, you are always in the loop and can easily communicate with the client if the need arises.

Our team is your team

As our white label WordPress maintenance partner, you have the luxury to call our experts as yours. With our experts as part of your team, they take full technical responsibility for all WordPress maintenance related matters whilst guiding you and your client at every step for an exceptional service experience.

24/7 Support Available on your Email Address

Sometimes, not all service requests can be answered immediately because of issues like out-of-office times and lack of technical knowledge. As part of our white label WordPress maintenance service, we offer your clients 24/7 support for all WordPress related requests using your branded email id that we create.

Taking care of your clients

Our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction and happiness. Our exclusive white label WordPress maintenance services are designed to not only engage your clients as ours but also provide them with the highest quality of service that you aspire to provide them. If your client is satisfied with our services, it is your agency that they will be thankful to, and for us this is a WIN on all levels.

Make your Brand even more powerful with our White Label WordPress Maintenance Dashboard

Our clients have put their trust in us for a decade to help them with their WordPress website.

WP-Bridge’s top-notch maintenance services have served the businesses with the management, maintenance, and enhancement of their WordPress Websites.

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