Six Reasons Why WordPress is Perfect for Enterprises

Confused about using WordPress as a Website Builder?

One of the most Googled questions by businesses today is ‘Why is WordPress perfect for businesses?’ Businesses in this case can be a startup, small business, medium enterprise, or even big corporations. What is to be noticed here is that given the popularity of WordPress as a free content management platform for building websites, many businesses are unsure of the advantages that a WordPress website might bring to their businesses.

Many of our clients, when they come to us, they talk about using other easy-to-use platforms such as Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly etc (a topic of discussion for another blog). We sit down with them, and educate them in this matter. The first thing we tell them are some basic stats regarding WordPress:

  • Total number of people visit WordPress sites per month: Over 400 million
  • Total number of plugins available for WordPress website: 50,000
  • Number of languages in which WordPress available: 57
  • Big brands using WordPress: BBC America, Variety, The Walt Disney

Although these stats are not purely a convincing factor, they are just a starting point in the educational journey of getting to know “why WordPress is good for your business?” If you are still with us, then read on to know what makes WordPress such a good platform for your business website.

Why is WordPress good for your business?

Although there are many factors that can be listed under this question, we will be discussing only 6 with you. We believe that these 6 reasons regarding why WordPress is the best platform, are enough to convince anyone in any kind of business to use it as their website builder.

P.S. Before we get into discussing the advantage, a little note. You do need to have a bit of understanding first about the platform to get started on it but it is fun to use once you get the hang of it (if using it for building the most basic website and not for any custom requirements which will require technical assistance).

1. WordPress is an Open-Source CMS

A top reason for why you as a small to medium business should choose ‘WordPress’ is that it is built as an open-source platform. In layman’s terms it is free to use. Download, install, use and modify –  it is this simple to kick off your digital business with WordPress.

2. WordPress is Easily Customizable

WordPress is the only CMS which powers over 39.6% of the online businesses which means 64 million websites are using WordPress. So, if you’re just a blogger, a brand journalist or a business of any size, you can embark on your digital journey with WordPress right away, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy or a web development guru to use WordPress. Again, if you’re a non-techie, WordPress is your right digital companion where you can use lots of free themes of your choice and business needs, and incorporate as many plugins as you want to enhance functionality, scalability and performance. We bet — you won’t find any other CMS as easily customizable as WordPress. Why? Because this CMS was made with ease of customization in mind. You can do anything easily as it comes with a big options panel for changing colors, uploading a logo, creating slides and customizing anything in a way you want, and that too without any coding. To expand customization across your website, you can use plugins to make your website more user-friendly through incorporating advanced features e.g. contact forms, membership forms, and analytics, etc. This will allow your visitors to browse through your site easily while at the same time creating lead generation for your business.

3. WordPress is Fit For All Types of Digital Media

If you’re a big company capitalizing on WordPress to gain traction through the use of different types of digital media, then your digital marketing is going to produce the best results in a record time. Because WordPress isn’t just about uploading blogs and articles; it’s a full-fledged CMS perfectly fit for management of all types of digital media from videos, audios to images. And this goes for small and medium sized businesses as well who want to leverage digital media advantages.

Being a user-friendly CMS, it enables you to optimize your digital presence across the Internet and generate revenue through embed-enabled websites because you’re free to embed YouTube videos of your business and products, Instagram photos, Tweets and so much more.

4. Make Most of Your SEO Endeavors With WordPress

The future of WordPress is riveting for enterprises of all sizes. This CMS is built to comply with high-quality code and create semantic markup. In plain simple language, it means that WordPress websites are more likely to get optimized easily because Google and other search engines index WordPress sites with ease.

If you’re in a ranking-race for niche-specific keywords and queries, you have better chances of outwitting your competitors because you have the leverage of utilizing intelligently-designed plugins and tools to enhance the functionalities of your WordPress site. In short, WordPress is a SEO-friendly CMS, but it depends upon how creatively and strategically you construct and optimize your WordPress site.

5. Managing WordPress Website is as Easy as A-B-C

Enterprises of all sizes can benefit from this content management system (CMS) to build their online presence as it comes with a built-in update management system to help you update your plugins and themes right within the admin dashboard of your WordPress site.

WordPress notifies its users about any update or when a new version is released. And, you can update your entire site just in one-click of a button. On the other hand, ever since, hacking and cyber-crimes have become normal, WordPress being a safe-and-secure CMS uses a backup plugin to make extra backups and store all of your confidential information in a remote location for tightened security.

Well, not only this, you can easily manage your website with WordPress mobile app — anytime and anywhere.

6. Content Management Gets Simplified

WordPress, in the capacity of a content management system, is a game-changer. Whether you’re technical or non-technical, you won’t be able to resist yourself from using this platform. It enables you to manage all types of contents in one-go. In other words, WordPress is a one-stop solution for enterprises where they can turn their plain simple ideas into revenue-generating eStores or blog-sharing sites. Why? Because of the following salient features of WordPress:

Editing Made Easy
With a professionally-designed content editor, you can edit your work easily without compromising on your quality and time. That’s why, you can add or remove anything from your content easily.

WordPress Gutenberg: A Flagship Project
The Gutenberg Project and flawless editing is like meat and potatoes for a WordPress site. Using the Gutenberg editor you can do lots of things with freedom i.e., including layouts, adding CTAs (Call-To-Actions), UX (User Experience), and SEO, etc.

Therefore, Gutenberg being a ‘Content Management’ editor, takes your content creation and distribution to the next-level.

Made on a Standard

Majority of the WordPress themes are WCGA2.0 compliant to make use of WordPress as a CMS, a stress-free experience for anybody, especially enterprises, so that they could produce simplified UX for their target audience for improved ROI.

Has the Question been Answered - Why WordPress is good for your business?

That’s all the reasons we can think of why you should use WordPress for your business website. This educational blog might not be able to cover all the good sides of the WordPress platform but is enough to convince any business – whether small, medium or large – about the advantages it can bring to their online presence.

Realistically, an effective way to experience the power of WordPress is to use it for your business and then you can better judge ins-and-outs of the world’s most popular CMS. But, a word of caution. With such great advantages, there are certain disadvantages to using WordPress but these do not outweigh the advantages it can bring to your business.

We would love to hear your experience on using WordPress and what benefits it brought to your business. So just comment below or share it with us here.

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