Rebranding your WordPress Website – The FAQs

Why Rebrand your WordPress Website?

The online marketing landscape is changing dramatically with time. The theme and colors that looked good before are not effective when it comes to SEO, or the way the website is structured and designed is causing navigational problems for the customers, and so on. This calls for rebranding the website.

Rebranding happens when you work to enhance a brand identity of an established product or service. It enables a business to optimize its corporate image for its target audience locally and internationally. It comprises color scheme, logo, and visual identity, etc.

By definition, according to The Free Dictionary By Farlex: “The process of giving a product or an organization a new image, in order to make it more successful or attractive is REBRANDING.”

The need for rebranding a WordPress website varies from business-to-business, niches-to-niches, and industry-to-industry. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for WordPress site rebranding. Let’s say, you run a family-owned restaurant business and your neighbors (other restaurants) have improved their services. So in order to stay in the competition, you should opt for rebranding to adjust into the evolving competition.

We at WP-Bridge have researched thoroughly to put forth easy-to-do methods and tricks to simplify rebranding for your business whether you’re a service provider, an Ecommerce store, or just a publishing company.

Four Good Reasons for Rebranding

If your brand/company shows any signs from the following list of four problems, then you should look for rebranding:

  1. Internal Problems
  2. You Can’t Differentiate Yourself from the Rest of the Competition
  3. You Don’t Attract Top-Talent
  4. Sudden Change in A Business Model

Let’s talk about these issues in a bit more detail below:

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

1. Internal Problems

Every business has a management to run its daily operations. Likewise, it has high-level leaders and shareholders to spearhead the company towards concrete and visible goals. But if this business has to change the organizational structure or adapt new strategy, or shift the brand’s direction, or top-management has decided to evolve its mission, then rebranding the business or online presence comes into play. You will have to come up with a brand style that should reflect the massive change about to happen inside your company.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t opt for rebranding if it’s just about little tweaking because it will confuse your audience and your website will lose its recognition.

2. You Can’t Differentiate Yourself From the Rest of The Competition

Branding is all about showcasing your competitive edge. Your brand should look at what it symbolizes. Branding is all about competitive dominance. A company which fails to communicate clearly dies in anonymity. In fact, it’s a big challenge to differentiate while branding your products or services. Hence, it’s indispensable for both employees and customers to fully understand and collaborate about how your brand can be superior to the competition.

Rebranding is an effective tool to detect your loopholes and enables you to rework on your competitive advantage. The better you will be from your competition, the more your brand can do better in terms of services and customer reach.

Undoubtedly, a business needs a strong brand to stand out whether it’s built on WordPress: a CMS or it’s an Ecommerce store or any service business- branding is your weapon to establish your identity across the globe.

3. You Don’t Attract Top-Talent

No business can function well without talent. Marketing, sales, finance, administration – every department of any business regardless of a size has to have experienced human capital to help the company win its financial and business goals. And, most companies, especially in technology, fail to attract potential talent because it does terribly in branding. In fact, “The best talent wants to be part of the best brand”, isn’t it?

If you can’t locate and hire the top-talent for your company then it means you don’t look that vibrant, employee-friendly and professional that top-tier candidates could join your company and be a part of it.

Here, a rebranding will reshape your brand identity not only for customers but also for current and future talent. A rebranding-focused business always aligns its core business values with high-spirited employees because a positive workforce contributes positively for uplifting the company culture and empathy among themselves and the customers.

4. Sudden Change in A Business Model

One of the reasons to rebrand your WordPress site is when there is a sudden change in a business model. Realistically, no business knows about which external factor might cause change into a business, especially in this rapidly-evolving disruptive business environment, foretelling isn’t a piece of cake.

Conversely, when you’ve decided to change a business model suddenly internally and you’re strategizing to change your business, then you must look for a rebranding. A good rebranding should align with BTS (Behind The Scenes) of your business because, this way, your customers can easily relate themselves to empathetic and easy-to-approach business.

It is time-saving and cost-effective practice to articulate guiding principles in your new business strategy initially while you’re about to embark on the rebranding process.

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

Four Essentials To Rebrand your WordPress Website

To rebrand your site in WordPress, you should take the following four steps. These steps will help you create a brand voice, designing a logo, choose a brandable WordPress theme, and making a favicon to help your WordPress site stand out in the SERPs:

1. Create Your Brand Voice

The first thing you should do before starting off rebranding your WordPress website is creating your brand voice. A brand voice is the direct and convenient way to convey your business message and show your authority on your niche. You can convey your brand message in a variety of ways; it can be web content, a blog post, a case study, a video or just a podcast.

Technically, your brand voice exists at the intersection of your unique personality and voice, and how do you show yourself for your audience. Therefore, it depends upon how you express yourself digitally across the internet. In fact, most of the WordPress sites vanish permanently after failing to create their brand voices. Here are a few statistics, we would like to share with you related to effects of good branding and consumer experience:

  • More than 70% of people want to buy from a brand that has a personalized touch
  • 94% people are more likely to be brand-loyalist when they get full transparency
  • It has been observed that 13% of consumers can pay more than 50% of the actual cost, if they get positive first-impression.

2. Design your Logo

A logo expresses your brand style. It appears everywhere from homepage, services pages to every digital marketing material. It works as an ambassador telling your story to visitors when they come to your site every time.

It can take time, effort, and expertise to create an aesthetic and logic-driven logo, especially if you’re about to rebrand because you will have to take care of many different things this time. Therefore, you should get the services of a professional graphic designer for designing detailed and graphically impressive logos for your brand.

3. Choose a Brandable WordPress Theme

WordPress isn’t an ordinary CMS- it is the rising star in the world of content management systems. It has lots of options to rebrand your website. You can enjoy pre-designed themes or custom-create your WordPress site from scratch. If you want to make your rebranding super-successful, WordPress has many themes for you to ease up rebranding of your website as per your requirements.

Make sure that your theme has various branding options to meet your needs. Few themes have more options for quick customization to give you more flexibility while you’re working on your site. We’ve come up with the following best themes to take your rebranding endeavors to the next-level:

These themes will give you enough room to simplify custom development to optimize your branding efforts for maximum advantage. Make sure that your color scheme reflects your style and brand voice. Anyways, you will have to take care of various elements i.e., how to keep the site up-to-date and core updates, etc.

As a matter of fact, it’s not a piece of cake to find and incorporate a WordPress theme; therefore, you should take assistance from an expert WordPress maintenance service. Because, such a service has WordPress care plans to help you in theme management and the WordPress system.

4. Make a Favicon

Like a logo, creating a simple but stylish favicon should be one of your most important parts of the rebranding process. By definition, a favicon is a small icon which is visible on the tab of a browser. It shows which website is on the browser. For example, a WordPress logo is the favicon for the WordPress site.

So when you’re about to rebrand your site; add a logo and a favicon. Important Note: Design favicon differently than a logo to avoid confusion for the site visitors. It’s rather easy to incorporate favicons at the time of rebranding your WordPress site.

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

Are you Ready to Rebrand your WordPress Site?

To rebrand a WordPress site is a transformative process. You have to adapt and evolve to meet rapidly changing business requirements. Especially, with WordPress as a CMS, you have lots of opportunities to make your website well-protected, responsive, visible, and search engine-friendly.

In this blog, we talked about rebranding thoroughly from reasons to solutions. If you want to get professional assistance for maintaining your WordPress site contact us at WP-Bridge.

Thank you!!

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