Looking for WordPress Emergency Help – Three Quick Fixes

WordPress Website Emergency Help – What is it?

Do you wonder what causes WordPress emergency and what difficulties you’ll have to face while your WordPress site isn’t doing well? WordPress crisis can occur due to a variety of reasons where you need to get professional assistance as there is no one set of problems that can be deemed as an emergency. For instance, it can be related to a website not opening, or there might be a broken link on the page, or the design (UI) website is distorted and so on.

But contrary to this, when this question was asked to a professional developer, he said that ‘emergency’ in a WordPress website means serious security breaches. Well this goes without argument that he might be right – security is one of the biggest concerns of the WordPress website which comes under the banner of ‘emergency’ when it occurs.

Regarding the security, there are a number of areas which can be categorized as an emergency for WordPress website and thus require help or quick fix to resolve it. These are:

  • Data Loss
  • Security
  • Performance, etc.

In this regard, we will discuss these emergencies and their solutions in the next section.

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

What are the Three WordPress Emergency Situations?

Irrespective of how good-looking and highly functional your website is, there is a possibility of vulnerability in your website that will turn out to be a nightmare for you (especially, if the problem is purely server-side). Therefore, if you’re prone to thinking like “Well, I’ll see when there’ll be a problem and would look for an emergency WordPress help.” – believe me, this is not going to work and it will add up to more difficulties. Therefore, act responsibly as it’s the right time to equip yourself with the information you need to figure out WordPress crisis and solve it proactively.

1. WordPress Emergency Help for Data Loss

Often, data loss is linked to severe data breach. There are multiple reasons for how does data loss take place which lead to WordPress emergency help for data loss:

  • Web Host – A web host with no failover server (backup) makes a business or an individual vulnerable to data loss and a cyber attack.
  • Corruption – This happens when hackers (who don’t belong to the backend of your online site) destroy a database that compels you for WordPress Emergency help.
  • Human errors – There are various types of human errors, more specifically, when one of the WordPress users delete a content or misplace an important file by accident, this is what makes WordPress website problematic.
  • Plugin configuration – Last but not least, plugins if they are not configured properly, your data might end up landing somewhere else instead of you. Therefore, misconfigured plugins open loopholes that create mess with regards to your online security.

Proactively working with a team of professionals can help you overcome this emergency in no time. These professionals can do complete analysis of how your WordPress website’s data can be lost causing loss of business and help in securing it.

2. WordPress Emergency Help for Security

With the release of version 3.7, WordPress automatically started sharing its security updates with WordPress website owners. Though, WordPress can make automatic security patches on urgent-basis to fix loopholes stemming from plugins and/or themes, etc; but, these are not enough. Nobody can doubt the fact that themes, plugins, and a code of CMS(WordPress) can be vulnerable anytime.

That’s why, whenever you see the following emergencies, act immediately and don’t waste time sitting idly and waiting for WordPress to come for your rescue.

  • Admin Login Error – Upon visiting the wp-admin or wp-login page, if you find that all of your credentials are gone or are no longer working then you should look for help from a professional WordPress developer.
  • Website Defacement – Even if you are able to access WordPress dashboard and website, however, if your website looks overwhelmingly disordered and shows pages that you don’t belong to, it is the signpost of a security breach.
  • The White Screen of Death – If you just see a blank screen and/or error message(s) instead of a WordPress dashboard or an entire site, it shows that you need a WordPress emergency help for security. Integrating security measures i.e., 2-Factor Authentication, does help in mitigating chances of brute-force attacks. However, a WordPress emergency will do more good than harm.

3. WordPress Emergency Help for Performance

You would be quite familiar with a quote:- “Rome wasn’t built in a day but it burned in a night.” The same applies to WordPress sites. Easier said than done – website development not just takes time but also takes various other things into consideration such as web hosting, theme integration, and plugins, etc. So you need to be very aware of the groundwork to make your WordPress site functional and visible.
Whatever you add into your site has a direct effect on the performance. Therefore, if a single plugin fails, it tumbles performance of a whole site. Plus, following are the situations where you may need to look for WordPress emergency help for performance to stay operational for your audience:

  • When you find out about more than one unplanned instances of downtime each day in uptime monitor reports.
  • WordPress shows time-out when you’re uploading anything new (plugin, image) to it.
  • When you experience a sudden drop in speed even if you’ve not made any modifications in your site.
  • When a website crashes down due to a spike in traffic during an ad campaign and most important event.

From speed to uptime status, your WordPress site can get compromised easily while costing you or your clients lots of money. Therefore, WordPress emergency help for performance becomes indispensable for a business or an individual because no matter how much you spent in building the digital roman empire of your business, it will take a few minutes to destroy your empire.

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

Proactive Measures to be Taken to Safeguard WordPress Website

1. Backtrack

Backtracking is most likely to solve your WordPress problems as you can detect actual faults that cripple your website flawlessly. Think backwards and can recall what was the last time your website ran well and fast.  Did one of your team members do something to a site or did you try to update a plugin sometime ago?

Certainly, you’ll see loopholes with backtrack techniques. For instance, if it’s not you or any other WordPress user then it can be an official  WordPress team who made changes into CMS that led to changes now.

2. Restore Backup

Backups are most important for various reasons. And, when it comes to tackling WordPress emergencies, restoring backup can help solve WordPress problems. Therefore, it’s always recommended to have a stable version of WordPress saved so that you could restore it from the backup.

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3. Check your Web Host

Your web hosting company should take part in this drive of solving WordPress emergencies before you proceed further. Don’t delay in reaching out to your contact at the web hosting company you’re using. Possibly, they’re already aware of this situation. Or, use live chat or make a call to support staff to find out about the technical glitch in real time.

Since web host support staff have direct access to the backend of a website, it means that they know everything happening in servers, so they’re better equipped to help you out easily in WordPress emergencies. Even, you’re not able to eliminate technical faults, they can point you in detail about what actually happened.

4. Double-Check your Website

If you’re reporting WordPress emergencies, make sure to double-check your website before you get WordPress experts onboard. You can use following tools as per WordPress emergency to solve major WordPress problems:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights: a speed test tool can be helpful for solving speed issues and performance.
  • Pingdom Uptime Monitoring: a tool to help you evaluate downtime and its duration. Therefore, this tool offers detailed cause analysis.
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console to deal with problems i.e., Security, Performance, Usability, Traffic, Invalid Pages, etc.
  • iTheme Security is the another best tool to ensure complete protection against security threats. This tool provides a comprehensive security and malware check through the use of a number of ways of reviewing your site.
  • Screaming Frog is a SEO spider (a tool) to crawl your website and find broken pages, links, duplicate content and other related issues.
  • Sucuri SiteCheck is a good tool to use while double-checking your site as it informs you whether flagged or blacklisted in case your website has disappeared from search results and it provides complete security assessments.

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

Hire an Expert for WordPress Emergency Help

Unfortunately if you can’t fix your technical problem on an urgent-basis, don’t delay and hire an expert for WordPress emergency help. WordPress support and maintenance company comes prepared to rescue your site from potential threats and malfunctioning. It offers technical assistance in resolving your emergency and improving your online presence:

  • It is available round-the-clock WordPress emergency help
  • It offers all types of emergency help for WordPress
  • It comes with a contact form to gather all details before proceeding further.

Safeguard your website today from potential WordPress website emergencies!!

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