How to Conduct a Performance Check on WordPress Site | Three Key Steps

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For a business, anonymity is a cardinal sin. If you want to accomplish their marketing and sales goals, you will have to optimize your resources. And, having a website is one of the resources that every business should have. Why? With an influx of social media platforms in a website development world, the Internet has become a ‘more happening’ place for business from lead-generation purpose to social interaction with potential customers. Moreover, it is not only important to have a website, it is important to have a fully functional, great looking website. For instance, some of the latest statistics show that:

  • 88% of consumers search for a business online; they either go or call that business within 24 hours.
  • 57% Internet users report that they don’t like a business website for poor design and experience on a mobile.
  • 40% of netizens stop using a business website with poor layout and content.

Once you have a website, regular maintenance and performance check-ups are required to make sure that the content, layout, and design are all aligned to provide a great user experience. This is as important as breathing air itself to stay alive, because on the Internet, a business website is considered to be brand ambassador of that business.

In this post, we will talk extensively about how to conduct a performance check on the WordPress site. There will be three easily applicable and effective tips to eliminate glitches from your WordPress sites so that you could beat the cut-throat competition.

Why is it Important to Conduct Website Performance Optimization?

A website owner has to take care of a variety of measures when building a website for the first time. It should contain a clean code, updated themes and plugins to ensure that it runs smoothly and is free from technical errors. On the flip side, if it stays neglected, it can slow down and can turn out to be a nightmare for website managers.

Overlooking a site maintenance for a long-haul can enlarge small issues into large irresolvable technical glitches. Consequently, a lack of site maintenance starts impairing other aspects of a WordPress site, like UX (User Experience) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), etc.

On the bright side, if you check the performance of your site constantly, there are big chances of keeping your site in good shape because you can detect errors timely and can make necessary updates without taking your site offline. Therefore, you should monitor, maintain, and optimize core aspects of your WordPress site from time-to-time for quick optimization and better results.

What are the Three Key Tips to Conduct a Website Performance Check on a WordPress site?

It is a relatively simple process to keep an eye on your website. All you need are tools and access to a professional-level performance checking service to keep your website in a good state. Since we have already talked about why is it important for you to conducting a website performance check on a WordPress site, and now let’s find out about three key tips to ensure flawless website performance check on a WordPress site:

1. Run a Performance Test Tool for Benchmarking your Site

You can use helpful website performance test tools to measure site speed. Here, we’re going to use ‘Google PageSpeed Insights’ . Using this tool, you can get an accurate benchmark on your site to figure out the current performance level. You can use this tool to predict the future performance checks and optimization endeavors.

Another option is to hire professionals who can check your WordPress website performance using top-notch WordPress speed optimization technology and performance matrices to provide a complete report on the WordPress website performance.

2. Apply The Test Results Recommendations

You’ve done a website performance website, and have received the report. The next step you should take is to improve your score. Let’s say, you’ve used Pingdom: A WordPress Tool, to conduct a performance check and its result page looks like this:

After you’ve got test results, it is time for quick-fixing based on test results recommendations. Here, you’ll need to strategize proactively and implement efficiently if you want to accelerate performance of your WordPress site.

It is easy having the right experts and the right mindset, you are more likely to get rid of technical glitches for increased loading time, site speed and reliable performance within record time – period.

3. Use a WordPress Maintenance Dashboard for Performance Check of your WordPress Site.

To check and optimize a WordPress website is easier said than done because it is not a one-and-done deal. Realistically, there is a cut-throat competition across the Internet to gain popularity amongst the customers. And, it doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, you should regularly conduct a performance check to achieve optimal results.

In case, if you’ve to manage and conduct a performance check of multiple sites, then you should opt for a professional WordPress maintenance dashboard for performance check. The maintenance dashboard by WP-Bridge will make it easy for you to manage your WordPress site professionally.

If you want to make WordPress maintenance transparent and effortless, get a custom maintenance dashboard made for your WordPress site, it will deliver you real-time insights about enhancements, fixes and will give you a peace of mind.

Final Words - Three Vital Tips for Conducting a Performance Check on WordPress Site

Building a website might seem an all too easy task but managing a website periodically is an overwhelming challenge for site owners. And, when it comes time for WordPress sites to conduct a performance check, they come face-to-face with a variety of technical difficulties.

That’s why we talked about how to conduct a performance check on the WordPress site in this article. We used following three tips to ease up performance check for WordPress site:

  1. Run a Performance Test Tool for Benchmarking your Site
  2. Apply The Test Results Recommendations
  3. Use a WordPress Maintenance Dashboard for Performance Check of your WordPress Site.

Throughout the article, we emphasized deeply on conducting hassle-free performance checks for WordPress sites in quick, safe and easy three ways. If you want to make your WordPress site work well, contact us to talk to our specialist developers.

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