How Can You Create A Transparent Header With Elementor Template

Bored of Simple WordPress Website Header?

Every once in a while when we have used a certain theme for quite some time, we tend to get tired of the monotonous and outdated header on the WordPress website’s homepage and other pages. The good news is that you can customize and create the header on your WordPress website in a way you like. You can do this by using the Elementor page builder that can help you create custom header — and that too in a few steps.

In this blog, we will look into creating transparent header where we’ll make it as easy for you as dragging and dropping to save time and achieve more results in a limited time.  So, are you ready? Let’s get started….!

Creating a Transparent Header with Elementor Template in Few Steps

There are altogether 6 steps that you can use in order to create a transparent header with Elementor template. These are as follows:

Step# 1:

In the first step, go to the dashboard of your WordPress website. Then go to ‘Elementor’ and click ‘My Template’. (See an image below)

Step# 2:

Now, click the option of “Add New” and it will open a panel where you will have to select a template type for creating a transparent header. Choose ‘Header’ in the drop-down. You can rename it as ‘Custom Header’ or whatever your prefer for your convenience.

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

Step# 3:

When you’re creating a header, you’ll see another panel with a variety of ready-made templates which you can edit as per your preferences. But, we’ll use Elementor Builder to create a header like we use it to create a page.

Step# 4:

At this stage, you will have to choose whether you want to see the header full or in a box container. Let’s say, you want to set up the header in ‘Full’ content width. Once you’re done, you can put the content in the box and vice versa.

Step# 5:

Once you have created the header, now is the time to set the transparent background. If the text is in white color, change the background to black at the time of editing the content of your header to make it look transparent.

Step# 6:

Now, you will have to add a class to the header as well as CSS (see image below). By doing this, the header will overlap without leaving a space behind. Bear in mind: You’ll have to adjust padding to simplify creating transparent headers.

You will have to position the header at the top of the page and make sure it is transparent. We used this padding to allocate appropriate spacing to content from the transparent header. But, you can change this padding as per your preferences.


Once you are done, just press next and your transparent header with Elementor Template will be created for your WordPress website. Wasn’t that simple!!

So, on a job well done, we are adding a little bonus technique as well to make your WordPress website more attractive.

Read on!!

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

Bonus Technique: Change the Header Color while Scrolling

Now, we’re going to look into how to change the header color when you scroll downward/upward. This will help you enhance the look-and-feel of your WordPress website to keep your site’s visitors hooked up. Let’s begin:

Step #1:

Continuing from the Step # 6 mentioned above in the section of ‘creating a transparent header’, go to the advanced section. Here you will be able to set Effects Offset value as per your preference (you can increase/decrease the value as per your preference).

For the purpose of understanding, we’ll select the offset value to 300. The notable thing is that the longer the number is, the longer it will take to change color when you will scroll it.


Step 2:

Now, you’ll have to do CSS work here. So, firstly, go to the ‘advanced tab’ and select ‘Custom CSS’. Once done, type the code given below:

					.elementor-sticky--effects{ background-color: #000; }

Now, your transparent header will change color at the time of scrolling.  See the image below to learn how to fill out your Advanced tab for getting desired the effects:

We are not done yet!!!

What if we add more things to give your transparent header more professional look-and-feel? Won’t that be impressive?

P.S. You shouldn’t be worried about loading speed because it won’t harm your website in any way.

Here are the two things that you can add to your WordPress website in the header to give it an enhanced look:

  1. Reduced header height when scrolling down
  2. Use snap-free images for professional-look

1. Reduced Header Height while Scrolling Down

To start off with, you’ll have to customize CSS again. Go the advanced tab of the image for the header, add a CSS class and give it a name:

This sets the limits for the size changes. Now, set the limits for size changes such as:

					.elementor-sticky--effects .logo img {
    width: 50% !important;


Well, you’re free to tweak these values as per your preferences. And, therefore, your header should change size accordingly.

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

2. Use snap-free images for professional-look

Now, you can mix animation and art together here. You can add animation to the header while changing size. We have provided code below. Well, this code works to set the transition rate and we’ve chosen 0.5 seconds as the transition rate but you should choose the transition value which best suits you.

    background-color: #000 !important;
    transition: background-color 0.5s ease !important
.elementor-sticky--effects .logo img {
    width: 50% !important;
    transition: width 0.5s ease !important


Now, this transparent and professional-looking header will change color when it is scrolled down.

Wrapping Up – Create Transparent Header With Elementor Template

In this blog, we learned about how to create transparent header with Elementor template. Not only this, but also we went through styling and animation of the transparent header when it’s scrolled downward. Rest assured: this add-on animation and styling in a transparent header will make your homepage and rest of the pages more visitor-friendly and attention-grabbing.

Well, If you’re not tech-savvy and creating transparent with Elementor seems like a hard-nut-to-crack, you can contact us for making your WordPress websites and custom websites visually appealing.

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