5 Fastest WordPress Themes for Your Website in 2022

Is your Website Slow?

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in seconds or less.

Building and running a successful website is impossible without certain factors and ‘speed’ is one of them because a slow speed affects your site negatively. Consequently, it turns away visitors. Well, there could be many reasons why your website runs slow.

Good News: You don’t need to be worried about your site’s overall appearance at all. A lightweight and fast WordPress theme can help reduce bounce rate to keep the audience on your pages for a long time so that you can achieve your goals easily.

In this blog, we are going to discuss five fastest WordPress themes for sites in 2022. Let’s get started!

What are the Five Best WordPress Themes for Websites in 2022?

Following are the five best WordPress themes for websites in 2022. Read on and enjoy:

  1. Astra
  2. Divi
  3. Hello Elementor
  4. OceanWP
  5. Hestia

Let’s explore each WordPress theme in detail below:

1. Astra

Astra has become the most popular WordPress theme with more than 1.5 million websites using this fastest WordPress theme.

Astra is highly lightweight and incredibly customizable. The best thing about Astra is that its code is well-optimized so that your WordPress site could do better as per current WordPress best practices. Plus, it applies Vanilla JavaScript and self-hosted Google Fonts to boost overall performance.


Key Features:

  • Fast
  • Lightweight
  • Over 180 starter templates


You can get Astra free theme but if you are looking for various customization options to enhance usability and efficiency of your site then you should go for the pro plan that is $49/per year.


Speed and Performance:

Below is the impressive Pingdom score of Astra:

  • Load Time: 531ms
  • Performance Grade: 98
  • Requests: 6
  • Page Size: 51.10 KB

2. Divi

Divi is best known for its capability of transforming an ordinary WordPress site into a masterpiece through its super-advanced Visual Builder Technology. We reckon “Divi” as a complete website building platform with matchless ease to create stunning designs.

Divi empowers WordPress website owners with freedom of customization. It comes with lots of customization and editing options such as Responsive editing, Hover state styling, Shape dividers, and advanced code editing, etc.

Key Features:

  • Inline text editing
  • Custom CSS control
  • Global elements & style
  • 40+ website elements
  • 800+ Pre-made designs
  • 100+ full website packs
  • Filters & effects
  • Animations
  • Magic color manager
  • Email opt-in provider support
  • Pricing tables
  • The Divi builder to build and sell your products across the internet
  • Fluid & Intuitive interface
  • Divi cloud support


Pricing plan of Divi starts from $70/year. It has appropriate pricing plans so that a user can get most out of it.

Speed and Performance:

Below is the speed and performance stats of Divi:

  • Fully Loaded Time: 2.669 s
  • Performance Grade: 100%
  • HTTP Requests: 24
  • Speed Index: 320ms

3. Hello Elementor

Hello theme is a fast, flexible and free theme. It is a lightweight WordPress theme to create speedy sites for visitors and search engines as well. Hello is a WordPress starter theme where you will enjoy minimal styling constraints and maximum freedom to design.

Unleash your creativity with a lean, fast, and clean Hello theme. Undoubtedly, Hello is optimized for top speed and incredible performance so that you can build an enhanced user experience.


Key Features:

  • Easily compatible with famous WordPress plugins
  • Highly responsive
  • Perfect fit for WooCommerce
  • Open source
  • Drag-and-drop live editor to build your WordPress site with zero coding experience
  • More than 100 designer-made website kits
  • Intuitive editing in real-time
  • 90+ best widgets
  • 300+ designer made templates
  • Global settings


Hello Elementor’s pro plan starts from US$49/year where you will get the best features from drag-and-drop editor to CMS tools and hosting, etc.


Speed and Performance:

  • Load time: 771ms
  • Page Size: 127.40 KB
  • Request: 2 Requests
  • Performance Grade: 92

4. OceanWP

OceanWP is a WordPress multi-purpose theme for sites to enable you to build responsive and eye-catching websites. Nicolas Lecocq founded OceanWP in 2016. Since then, it has gained world attention and it’s become one of the most downloaded Fast WordPress themes.

The best thing about OceanWP is its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Anybody can import demo sites in a single click with the help of a free import extension. It is the fast WordPress theme for eCommerce store owners, website designers, and WordPress developers, etc.


Key Features:

  • Ocean Elementor widgets
  • Global fonts and typography
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Seven customizable header styles
  • Global site layouts
  • 220+ modern Elementor
  • Custom sections
  • Off-canvas filter


OceanWP is available in three pricing plans:

  • Personal (for 3 sites) $35/year
  • Business (for 6 sites) $49/year
  • Agency (for 50 sites) $79/year

Speed and Performance:

  • Performance Grade: 99
  • Page Size: 734.5 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 17
  • Loaded Time: 734.5 ms

5. Hestia

Hestia is an easily customizable and fast WordPress theme. It empowers a WordPress owner for everything from responsive menus to customizing anything in real-time. Hestia is managed by Themeisle and was last updated on 3rd, February, 2022. It has been installed on more than 100000+ WordPress sites.

Hestia can work the best page builders i.e., Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi. You can avail plugin compatibility with all types of WordPress plugins.


Key Features:

  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • SEO-optimized
  • Responsiveness
  • Ease of downloading a ‘Child Theme’
  • Multilingual support
  • Best speed
  • Well-designed live customizer
  • RTL Ready


  • Hestia comes in three pricing plans:
  • Personal (for single website) US$69/year
  • Business (for business) US$99/year
  • Agency (for multiple websites) US$299/year

Speed and Performance:

  • Fully loaded Time: 4.4s
  • Total Page Size: 2.25MB
  • Requests: 109
  • Performance grade: 72

Wrap Up: What are the Five Fast WordPress Themes in 2022?

A fast WordPress theme can help improve your site’s performance. A theme with beautiful design helps boost CTR(Click Through Rates) and this way, visitors will come back to your WordPress site again and again. Well, it can be hard-nut-to-crack to find the reliable ones. That’s why, we have discussed the following five fastest WordPress themes in 2022:

  1. Astra
  2. Divi
  3. Hello Elementor
  4. OceanWP
  5. Hestia

At WP-Bridge, our specialists offer full-fledged WordPress customization so that you can avoid speed problems. Also, we ensure a problem-free WordPress site for our clients with WordPress maintenance services.

Do you want to know more about the fastest WordPress themes in 2022? Share your questions in the comment section and enjoy!

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